Wondering What Sri Lanka Has in Store for Travellers? Read This!

The gem of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is blessed with diverse landscapes and culture. Though the country has seen a rise in tourism in recent years, it is still an ideal getaway for those who prefer taking the road. If you are wondering if Sri Lanka has anything in store to offer you an adrenaline rush, the answer is a yes. Let’s look at some of the activities to indulge in Sri Lanka.

Climb Sigiriya

Sigiriya is Sri Lanka’s World Heritage Site. The rock-top fortress was built in the 5th century A.D and served as a royal palace and Buddhist monastery during its time. That’s not all. Sigiriya has the oldest landscaped gardens in the world and the famous masonry wall that was so polished in its era that the king could see his reflection on it.

Visit Arugam Bay

Looking for some peace, but can’t let go off adventure? Head to Arugam Bay. It gives you the backpacker’s feel while you sit on a hammock and interact with the locals. Also, Arugam Bay is the spot for serious surfers.

Climb the Adam’s Peak

Sri Lanka’s most sacred site, Adam’s Peak sees thousands of pilgrims for two months of the year. These people climb to the top to pay homage to the place where Adam stepped his foot on earth when he was sent from heaven.

Take the Train Ride to Ella

A train ride in Sri Lanka will take you back in time. These trains make their way through hills and valleys giving experience and memory that you will be cherished forever. One such scenic ride that you can take is the Kandy to Ella train journey that offers beautiful views of tea plantations, mountains, villages, and local farms.

Explore the Tea Plantations in Nuwara Eliya

The picturesque town of Nuwara Eliya is famous for its tea boutiques. You can go trekking through these beautiful tea plantations where you can talk to the locals who work and live on these tea estates. You can also pick some tea leaves for yourself besides enjoying the world’s best tea on your trekking expedition.

Visit Turtle Hatchery

Hunting, pollution, and fishing are posing a significant threat to turtles. These hatcheries are working hard to keep the turtles alive and in good health. Some of the hatcheries let turtles into the ocean at night and even permit tourists to be a part of the release.

Enjoy the Sunset in Dalawella

The famous Rope Swing in Dalawella is one of the few travel spots in the world that have gone viral overnight. The swing was built by the guys at Dream Cabana and is now one of the most frequented tourist spots in Sri Lanka. The swing is located on the Dalawella beach is located at a 2 hours distance from Colombo, and can easily be reached by train.

Go Surfing at Hikkaduwa

If you have just gotten started with your surfing classes, the Hikkaduwa surf beach at the south coast in Sri Lanka is the place to be. The searing sun, warm water, and restless waves make the place a surfer’s paradise. The best thing about this place is that the coast lies in close proximity of a jungle making it a perfect surfari for wildlife lovers and surfers.

Final Words

The list of things to do in Sri Lanka is long, and we are sure that you will run out of time and would definitely want to revisit the place. The recommended way of experiencing the country is by booking Sri Lanka tour packages that can be customized as per your idea of a holiday vacation.