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Different Categories of Headphones in the Market Headphones are an important necessity when it comes to entertainment, as well as work.Therefore, it is important to carry out extensive research on the most suitable headphones before visiting a store.As there are different kinds available, you want to select the best.They differ regarding size and how they function.The detailed points below explain the different types of headphones to choose from. According to the design of Supra-aural headphones; they comfortably rest on the ear.Due to their lightweight; they are a preferred choice to many.However, they do not produce high-quality output as the ears are not completely sealed, allowing access to external sounds.Another category is the circumaural headphones which can either be closed or open-backed.Due to their design where they cup the ear, they are also known as over the ear headphones.The ears are sealed with circular pads attached to the headphones, thus preventing the access of sound from external sources.This type of headphone is very convenient for disk jockeys that operate in places with a lot of noise, and also for those making recordings to avoid distractions from the outside environment. Headphones that excellently facilitate the isolation of sound are the closed headphones.Sound is prevented from passing from one side to the other as the earpiece backs are normally closed.With this seal, sound cannot be passed through either direction.For those who operate in places with a lot of noise, these type of headphones do not allow the leakage of sound, thus appropriate for this kind of environment.When used for a long time, they could cause fatigue to the ears.
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The open-back headphones, commonly known as the open-air headphones, could either have the circumaural or the supra-aural design.The earpiece backs are not closed, thus enabling sound to freely move from either side.This type is not the best choice for studio recording due to their non-isolating design.Sounds could be transmitted from the headphones to the microphone, affecting the result of the final product. Due to their open nature, they allow sound to move freely from both directions.
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Portable headphones are usually light in weight, open-aired and functional with portable players.As majority of these type of headphones are purchased alongside players, they are mostly of lower quality to those you could purchase in a store.Therefore, take the initiative to visit a store and purchase a better pair of headphones which will not frustrate you and your ears.Once you have a high-quality pair of headphones; their light nature serves as a bonus making you as a fully satisfied and happy headphone user. As they do not hinder the access to sounds from the external environment; they are a good choice for general hearing.