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What Can an Alachua Bail Agent Do for You? Whether you are innocent or guilty but if you have run into trouble with the government, you might be facing jail time and it can be the most stressful time of your life. However, while the trial is still on going, you are presumed innocent until proven by the jury guilty so you don’t have to spend time in jail just yet. Before you can be released, the judge will ask you to come up with a guarantee that you will be around for your subsequent hearings. This condition in the form of a security rather called a bail bond. Alachua bail bonds can be turned over to the court in many forms but usually it is in the form of cash. Other forms include property or a through a surety agent posting bail for the defendant. Moving on, bail bonds are agreed upon in a formal hearing called bail hearing. Many considerations will be deliberated during this meeting so the judge can decide the type of bail that is appropriate. The different considerations include the defendants source of funds, properties, or who is paying the bail among others. If the bail will be posted through a surety company, a representative from that company must be present during the hearing. That said, there are defendants who need some help in posting bail. An Alachua bail agent knows that there are defendants who could use his or her help. That agent can certainly help get that defendant out of jail until judge delivers the verdict. The parties involved in this kind of arrangement should understand how this works.
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To settle a bail, you have to find a Alachua bail agent to explain everything. Once you have found that person, the next thing for you to do is provide you full identification. After all requirements are fulfilled, you will be asked to provide deposit of 10 percent. The bondsman will ask for this deposit upfront but it is just a small fraction compared to the full amount the court has ordered as the bail. You will also need to provide some collateral. At this point, the process is nearly complete an you will soon be out of custody until the court summons you again. The whole process can take just a few hours.
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As you can see the bail bondsman or the surety company is risking a lot to get you out of jail so it is important that you have his or her full confidence before he pays the bail for you. The defendant should also bear in mind that he has responsibilities to fulfill and failure to do so can result in his or her bail getting revoked. If you need to find a surety company for your bail bond, go here.