Travel To The Most Popular Hill Station In Malaysia

Travelling is a beautiful experience. It adds to refreshment and learning as well. No matter how far or near to travel, what matters is the joy of the journey. Nature is magnificent and every person needs to enjoy the earth’s beauty. The more you travel, the more you learn to appreciate and gather knowledge about various things. Whether for a family trip or a trip with friends or just setting off alone, the charm of all these are worth experiencing. Not always you need a luxurious trip but sometimes it is the break from the boring usual life you might crave for.


The place to visit

Each place on earth has a beauty of its own. Loving the mountains or the sea does not have to be restrictive. With every place comes its scenic beauty and atmospheric bliss. So to make a little suggestion, if you are in Malaysia, do visit the Cameron Highlands. It will be a treat to your eyes. No matter you love hill stations or not this place is worth paying a visit. When you breathe the air there, all your stress will vanish. It has tea plantations, strawberry farms and eucalyptus in the distance. The highland was developed during the British colonial period and named after the explorer who mapped it in 1885, Sir William Cameron. The atmosphere is pleasant there as the temperature rises at 30®C at maximum. It is widely preferred for tea and tourism is a huge business there. It has eco conscious trekking, unexplored forests and interesting temples. Hence it is a tourist hubbub.

About the journey

As we all know journey is the most important part of a trip. It is all about having a comfortable journey which is budget friendly as well. The most convenient option is to travel by bus to Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands is a five hours journey from KL. One of the most famous bus companies who provide daily express services include GT Express. Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) is the best bus departure location to board a bus from KL to Cameron Highlands. There are a number of buses on this route.

These buses usually take a 20minutes halt during the journey. In this break people can ease themselves and get fresh before moving ahead in the journey. All the coaches are equipped with air conditioning, spacious full reclining seats, with enough room to stretch your legs and foot resting design to ensure comfortable support. All these features make the journey a relaxing one and the passengers tend not to get exhausted after the five hour ride. The ticket rates for children are accountably low compared to adults. Further, you can book your tickets from anywhere anytime as long you have access to internet. Visit and get your tickets online. Not only for KL to Cameron Highlands but to travel to any destination within Malaysia and Singapore. This place is thus worth a trip.