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Bike Training Tips: How to Train Smart

A good biking routine is one way to help you achieve fitness or lose weight safely. If your goal is to take part in a competition, it is necessary to train several months ahead.

If you are new to biking or to any physical exertion, four months is a good time to train your body into shape for the event. Plan your biking excursions to gradually increase mileage; do not overtax yourself in the early stages of training to keep from being injured. Besides, gradual mileage will help you gain stamina steadily and build it up to the level you will need for the competition. The mileage achievement is not as important as the build-up of strength and stamina you need for the race.

Achieve the cadence that feels right to you, the right speed at which your legs can cycle comfortably. This can help build up the capacity of your heart and lungs so that your body can handle physical stress better. To achieve this, wearing the right bike wear and equipment is a lot of help. Make sure your bike wear provides protection and comfort as you try biking in different terrains. Your cadence and biking position will fall into place after you have had some sessions. When you have found your cadence and biking position, it is time to start increasing your mileage.
Many people who have wanted to achieve health and fitness goals are sometimes defeated by their busy schedules. The best way to stick to your routine is to make it a part of your schedule. No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for your commitment to fitness.
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It is sometimes necessary to make time for your routine by starting you day earlier so you can cycle for a short time as well as stretch your muscles some. It may be a good idea too if you can cycle to work, should it be possible. Or you can bike all the way to the station or stop and take your ride to the office. Of course you will need to make sure there is a safe place to keep your bike.
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During your lunch break, take a brisk walk or cycle around for a few rounds.

Give yourself a challenge now and then by taking a route thru some hilly areas. To build up your stamina, take longer routes for a few days.

Cycling can be very healthy exercise. Follow your bike trainer guide, and strive to do better each day. Once you achieve some proficiency in it, you will know that it’s time to add to your regimen by taking up other physical exertions or activities. Warm up and cool down for ten minutes each whenever you exercise.

Do not overdo it, though. Don’t kill yourself trying too hard; keep steady routines and balance with rest periods.