The Beauty of Bali Sanur Beach

Bali is the place that is recognized by the world, a lot of favorite places that can be visited, and also many tourists who have always been to Bali, bali even entered the fifth best tourist spots in the world. Plenty of entertainment available in Bali and one of them is a walk in Denpasar, Bali, then use opportunity to see the sunrise views from Sanur Beach. This beach is one of the favorite tourist attraction in Bali even more than previously known Kuta Beach. The tourists who want to find serenity then they usually go to the beach because it is the atmosphere of the beach is much quieter than the hustle of Kuta Beach. Here the surf beaches are so quiet so not suitable when used as a place for surf sports like Kuta Beach. You can get the travel guide that you can see in Bali Sanur.

Sanur beach has a length of approximately 3 kilometers. Along the coast it will look so clean beaches, clear water and white sand beaches. In the sea area there are many coral reefs and colorful fish. The tourists love snorkeling and diving activities in this attraction. It is better for you who want to visit this beach is recommended in the morning so you can get a chance to see the panorama of Sanur’s famous sunrise. Do not forget to bring your camera and capture the beautiful moments. The beauty of the beach make the Sanur Beach nickname as Sunrise Beach by foreign tourists.

There are so many tourist activities that can be done by the visitors on Sanur beach like swimming, banana boat, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, playing sand on a beach, and sunbathing. If you are tired of all the beach activities then you can rest while enjoying the spring rolls and corn that are offered by the vendors on the beach area.

Around the area of Sanur Beach Bali are also many cafes, food stalls and restaurants where you can sample the cuisine of the sea like fish fry. We went home later buy a few trinkets or souvenirs as souvenirs such as shirts, hats, cloths, and kite.

Sanur beach is also often used as a place for festivals national and international scale. The visitors who happened to come to the attraction during the festival held Sanur Beach can see it directly.

So, that’s a few thing of review in Sanur Bali, Enjoy Your Trip!