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Travel to Mexico- the 10 Tips to Keep you Safe It is by finding out about a country you intend to visit for the first time that you can enjoy a visit to its attractions. While a majority of leisure travelers never encounter problems, there are a select few who simply want to forget their recent vacations. Using the 10 safety tips highlighted below will help you get a pleasant experience out of your upcoming vacation. Always keep details of your travel plans to yourself and family members, and do not discuss them in the presence of strangers. Your information could reach kidnappers and other criminals, making it easy to make their next move on you. It is also essential to give your full travel itinerary to someone at home so that tracing you is easy in case something goes amiss. In such an event, try as much as possible to stick to that schedule. For the best exchange rates, convert all the currency you intend to use in the foreign country before leaving home since the establishments you will find may give you a raw deal. If you have to convert cash when in a new country, try ATM machines, trusted forex dealers, or banks because their rates are likely to be exact. Make such exchanges elsewhere and you could easily be taken advantage of.
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Visit the website of the state department concerned with foreign travel for information about your destination country. Here, you will get to know if there are travel advisories and safety tips on your arrival at the country in question.
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Try to blend in with the locals to prevent everyone from knowing that you are a tourist. Avoid holding maps and guidebooks in public, as well as placing the straps of your camera around your neck since these are the most common signs that foreigners display. You could be turned into easy prey if criminals and fraudsters note such acts. Only use ATMs that are in public illuminated sections of towns. The withdrawal of cash should be restricted to daytime also. If in difficulties when operating the machines, don’t ask for assistance from strangers as you never know their motives for offering help. Your purchases should majorly be in the country’s currency because of the unfavorable exchange rates by most merchants. However, tips and large purchases can be made in the currency you use in your home country. Ask your hotel to schedule a taxi pickup since hailing a cab on the street is one of the top security risks you could ever get into. Instances of cab drivers working with criminals to force taxi clients to withdraw cash at ATMs have become very common.In some instances, some tourists have ended up dead or missing. Only walk around with the amounts you need and just a little extra. If someone notices you have large sums of cash on you; it could turn out tragic. Pickpockets are usually present in crowded places, so be watchful. In most cases they work in pairs or more where one steals as you turn your attention to the distraction caused by the others. Create soft copies of relevant documents and store the originals safely. A copy of each should be sent to an email account under your control so that you can retrieve them if needed.