Party Bus Rentals for Wedding

It is going to be a huge task to keep my upcoming wedding under budget. My parents are going to help a lot, but even given that, it still seems like we are likely to run out of money if we are not careful. We currently want to look into the feasibility of renting a party bus to transport the people at the wedding ceremony from that site to where we are going to have the reception. I am looking at Toronto party bus rental companies right now and trying to find some information about how much they tend to cost. I am not sure exactly how many people will be at the wedding yet, or how many people are going to want to come to the reception after attending the wedding, so those are both open questions and they could probably change the costs involved in renting a party bus by quite a bit.

I guess that we need to try to come to some sort of estimate for the total amount of people who are going to be at the wedding, or well rather, a better estimate would be the amount of people at the wedding who are going to want to go to the reception. I hope that a lot of people who attend the wedding will want to go to the reception that is to be held afterwards, because I think that is going to be a really good time. But at the same time, I know that not everyone is going to come to it. So I suppose for the moment, I should just try to come up with a series of estimates based on what I think could be expected number of guests and the percentage of those that will want to go to the reception.