Information About The Canada eTA

There are people from the countries which have the good relationship with the country of Canada where you don’t need a visa when entering Canada. Only what they are required to have is eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) document. The Canadian eTA is the travel document used by people from the countries which do not require a visa. It’s the fast authorization when entering Canada and enable you to board the flight first.

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With the Canadian eTA, you will enter Canada and then visit friends or family, or travel around. You’re allowed to live for some time, normally 6 months or less. You’re not permitted to stay there permanently or even apply for the Canadian citizenship. You’re also not permitted to apply any of the Canadian issued documents or ascertain the Canadian benefits for example health benefits.

The Canadian eTA is the much faster type of a visa as it doesn’t require as a lot of documents as the visa does. Therefore, if you succeed for an eTA, you can’t apply for the visa if you’re using it just for traveling. You require the visa if you need to work, stay permanently or study in Canada.

If you’re traveling by train, car, ship or bus, you need to check with a Canadian Consulate when entering with the eTA or need the visa. That is so because Canadian Government will have various rules which depend on means of the travel and country which you’re from.

The Canadian eTA requirements

For you to be eligible for the Canada eTA, you need to meet some criteria for example:

•You need to be from the countries which is listed above

•You must have sufficient funds for you to stay in Canada

•You are required to be least 18 years of age

•You are required to have no criminal record

•You must have the valid passport which is issued from the government;

•You need to be healthy and also without any perilous medical problems that can make you to seek the medical treatment in the country of Canada which you can’t afford. If you want to seek the medical treatment in Canada, you are required to state that and then prove you have sufficient funds that will cover the hospital visits and the treatment.

•You are required to return to the country which you belong and have the strong ties to the home country

•You are required not to have a plan to work or study in Canada