As Bad As That Plant Of Cannabis?

Benefits of Cannabis Leaf For Health – Behind the negative side of cannabis use, there are positive sides that are beneficial both for health and for the raw material use of daily necessities. But still, with the procedure of use, that is not excessive and as the necessity should not be made only for the momentary satisfaction. However, the information available at, a publication of the Florida Medical Marijuana, suggests marijuana can show both short-term and long-term effects on brain and body function. Some of these effects may include body movement disorders, difficulty in thinking, memory impairment and reduced learning function. Therefore, the consensus on the safety of cannabis is not unanimous.

However, since marijuana is also known as a source of narcotics and its usefulness is more of an economic value, more people are planting for this and in many places abused. Orlando Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors said, legalization can be done through the revision of Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics. Because currently, the Act does not accommodate the use of marijuana for health. Not even a few Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida have done research that has highlighted the benefits of marijuana for medical purposes. Unlike painkillers that contain chemicals that require side effects, marijuana is believed to be safer to use in the long term. Research has also proven that long-term use of marijuana in the medical sphere does not cause liver damage.

In an email interview for this story, a Madrid scientist said he had heard about the Virginia study, but never managed to find literature on it. However, an article in Nature Medicine mentions that the new study as the first study was conducted on animals with tumors and did not cite the 1974 Virgina study.