6 Ways to Enjoy Fun Holiday Beach

There are many things that can be waged while on vacation to the beach, in addition to playing the waves and enjoy the scenery at sunrise or sunset. 7 This exciting things, could, you know, you do now to shore. and if need more cash to having fun, you can get loans tips through http://www.critiirick.com/.
1. Diving and snorkeling
Diving and snorkeling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the ocean. Diving / diving invite you to navigate underwater beauty. To be able to dive, you have to equip yourself with proper training and certification in advance. Because the dive takes knowledge and special equipment, not just swim using an oxygen tank.
Normally, to be able to dive, people will first try snorkeling. Snorkeling sensation like the look of the underwater world from the surface. We will use special glasses equipped with a hose to breathe using their mouths. Measuring short hose so we could not dive to the bottom to see the surrounding atmosphere. However, the experience is more exciting if you are in a shallow sea but has a beautiful underwater scenes.
2. Parasailing
Parasailing can be understood as a look around the sea and the view from the heights. We will be tied to a parachute that will be towed boat that could float tens to hundreds of meters above sea level. The only moment of touching the water while parasailing is when you choose to land themselves in the middle of the ocean or on the beach. Intriguing alternative to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach.
3. Banana boat
Banana boat inflatable boat elongated and yellow like a banana. This inflatable boat will be towed motorboat quickly. That makes it exciting is we are going to oscillate while racing in the ocean (you do not need to fear of drowning because the body has been paired lifebelt). Sometimes, banana boat attraction ends with tight maneuvering of the ship’s captain who makes the rubber boat overturned. It is very exciting for a holiday with family or friends.
4. Flying fish
It brings thrill rides banana boat with parasailing. Instead of using a parachute, flying fish flew a similar banana boat inflatable boat (wider and flat like a lifeboat, can be for 3 people). The motor boat will pull a rubber boat to fly at medium altitude for some time before it plunged sharply into the sea.
5. Rolling Donut
As the name implies, this attraction invites you circling above inflatable boat round like a donut. Rolling donut can accommodate 2-4 people at a game. The man sitting opposite each other while holding on to the available panel. The motor boat will then be pulled to race and bobbing on the sea.
6. Sea walker
This activity is a fairly safe and certainly very popular. These rides allow you to walk in the sea and frolic with the fish! You simply use a special helmet like an astronaut. The helmet is connected to an oxygen tank on the boat so you can walk at a depth of 5 kilometers and feed the fish. Once a sea walker trip usually takes 30 minutes.