Why You Should Go to Gujarat

So where are you going for a vacation this winter? Went to Andaman & Nicobar last summer. Did south India before that. Don’t want to go to a hill station and freeze your lazy bones. Did you think of Gujarat? Do you ever think of Gujarat besides aampapad, Amul ads, and Mr Narendra Modi?

To cut to the facts, Gujarat has a long coastline, a trading community that is fond of good food, and Amitabh Bachchan as its tourism ambassador. Gujarat tourism has been aggressive in its promotion and generous in its disposition. There’s a lot to explore. A LOT.

Here’s why you should go to Gujarat on your next holiday and what all you should see and do. This overview of the rich culture is sure to entice you to book direct flights to India.

Wildlife Hopping

Gujarat is home to the famous Gir Wildlife sanctuary. It …

6 Ways to Enjoy Fun Holiday Beach

There are many things that can be waged while on vacation to the beach, in addition to playing the waves and enjoy the scenery at sunrise or sunset. 7 This exciting things, could, you know, you do now to shore. and if need more cash to having fun, you can get loans tips through http://www.critiirick.com/.
1. Diving and snorkeling
Diving and snorkeling is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the ocean. Diving / diving invite you to navigate underwater beauty. To be able to dive, you have to equip yourself with proper training and certification in advance. Because the dive takes knowledge and special equipment, not just swim using an oxygen tank.
Normally, to be able to dive, people will first try snorkeling. Snorkeling sensation like the look of the underwater world from the surface. We will use special glasses equipped with a hose to breathe using …